Episode 3: Roman Banias discussion thread

  • The bottom half of Roman's face from Alien Love Triangle's lose screen
    Show notes for episode 3!

    I'm really happy with how this episode turned out! I really wanted to touch on the experience of kids making games together as a form of play; obviously not every kid did this, but I'm sure the two of us weren't the only ones who did. I've often said that someday I'd really like to build a collection of games and computer toys made by developers when they were kids.

  • Me and my brothers made games together, so this was fun to hear about. Actually maybe we just worked on one adventure game that didn't o far, but had some really laborious graphics! There was a very well rendered lampshade.

    Seemed like a natural continuation of little bands and some we'd make with relatives and the kids across the road and stuff.

  • @rjt, I don't suppose there's anything of that project that still survives today? I'd love to see it.

    Apropos of nothing, today I went looking for the source of the Capital World Games logo, and with a little Googling discovered it was in the official Microsoft GW-BASIC User's Guide docs for CIRCLE (example 3).

    I honestly don't remember how I ever would have gotten my hands on the official Microsoft GW-BASIC User's Guide - I certainly never owned it, and it seems an unusual thing to have gotten from a library. But that's definitely the code.

  • @spindleyq 'Fraid not!

    But I remember the first room looking something like this, but with nice VGA colours of course.


    Something else this show made me remember was I sometimes made install disks for games I never actually made. I'd make a label, a README.DOC and a little batch file to unzip an archive to somewhere :D

  • I guess kids' games often start in bedrooms?

  • This was one of my favorite episodes to date! Really took me back to the early 90s when my cousin and I would draw and exchange game ideas on paper for hours on end. I wish we'd made more games to show for it! (And I wish I had the aborted builds for what we failed to finish.)

    JRPGs and kid-made games really do love to start in bedrooms. I think most my first ZZT games did.

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