etch-a-sketch animator and pixeltime

  • The talk of bitsy's limitations reminds me of the tools where I learned super-small scall (and sometimes monochrome) pixel art... the Etch-a-Sketch animator.

    Brilliant piece of tech for the day: a Gameboy-ish screen (but with FAT pixels, 40x30) and a digitized, screechy version of the traditional etch-a-sketch dials (heh, shake to erase was still a decade or two out for digital stuff), and 12 screens that could be played back in sequences of over 100 frames

    I reproduced the examples in the booklet here: and this is another art-minded thing I did: (I'm kind of intrigued with "photorealistic" stuff on super primitive display systems)

    It also reminds of Pixeltime, (before it was just a dictionary site) had an odd little 45x45 paint program with a digital judge/emcee and a bunch of competitions:

    The biggest connection was me making tiny tiny fonts, 3x4 and what not.

    Anyway, anyone here use either of those?

  • I think this is the first time I've heard of either tool. That Etch-a-Sketch Animator is pretty awesome.. the closest thing I have tried to that is EasyToon, an art program made just for drawing black-and-white animated GIFs.

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