Episode 4: Jonah Davidson discussion thread

  • Don's Adventures screenshot
    Episode 4 show notes are here!

    The banner is a screenshot from someone else's playthrough of Don's Adventures; I couldn't find a download, so if someone has one, link it!

    I picked out the music by specifically asking Jonah to recommend the most overused Final Fantasy MIDI, as I really don't have much experience either with Final Fantasy or RPG Maker; he had a couple of suggestions for themes I should check out, and then I picked one and rendered it out with FluidSynth and an AdLib general MIDI soundfont. Do a search for "Hideaki Tokunaga" on this backed-up Geocities guestbook to gain a little insight into its creator.

  • The game was included in his RPG Maker translation iirc. That's probably why you can't find it anywhere.

  • Just noticed that the rpg2knet.com Facebook page shared this episode and added a note or two:

    Ed note: the heavily hyped game with pixel art nudity he could not recall the name of was Destiny's Call Complete. Also he thought Don Miguel was Spanish and not Russian but I'll forgive him this one time...

  • Interesting to hear from (and reminisce with) somebody that passed through the rpg2knet.com community. As it's creator I was always one or two steps removed from the people using it for its intended purpose, so it was a fun trip to hear from "the other side" almost two decades later!

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