Furcadia (and perhaps other old MMOs?)

  • I just read this article by a certain Blake P. over at the VRV blog about the life, rebirth, and long death of Furcadia, an ancient MMO I played a little bit in the late 90s.


    Amusingly, I knew very, very little about furry culture at the time and didn't really understand that I was participating in something called a furry subculture back then. It was merely the only free graphical MMO I was aware of. I was very attracted to it because of its world-building/uploading features (and the fact it worked okay with my 56k modem). The ability to create colorful, navigable fantasy mini-worlds and houses that would be visitable by other players in real-time was the realization of a dream for me.

    It's interesting to see that the community still exists twenty years later, though it's becoming ever more the ghost town. Some people have apparently maintained a continual and frequent presence for basically all 22 years of the game's existence!

    Personally, I never got that deep into it. I never forged any real lasting friendships with other users, and the only one I really talked to much in-game was a real-life friend I knew in high school, who I believe was also mostly interested in building interesting-looking fantasy spaces.

    It's a pretty niche space, ultimately. Anyway, thought that would be interesting for this forum!

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