Episode 2: Phil Salvador discussion thread

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    Episode 2 show notes are here!

    I cut the spoken intro really short on this one because I ripped the Waligie DX music off of a YouTube playthrough and I only had a few seconds of audio to work with.

    I'm really bummed that I can't get Waligie DX or Live In A Buttock to run in a browser yet. Pun retroactively intended.

    Phil has an enormous and almost totally unsorted collection of weird Mario fangames which is unfortunately not currently in a state where it would be responsible to throw the whole shebang onto the internet archive for folks to have a field day with. Maybe someday!

  • I really should start sorting through all that...

    A friend and I realized that there's no single consistent place to get the Waligie games except for random, sketchy uploads to sites like MediaFire, so he purchased the website that appears at the end of every Waligie game, geoshities.com/dipstick.

    We hope this will be a good permanent home for Waligie for whoever wants to play them for some reason. The first two games probably need to be in XP compatibility mode to run correctly. I also uploaded development files from a few of the games if people want to poke around them.

  • @Shadsy has written an in-depth essay called The Mario Fangame Myth about MFGG for the Lost Histories Jam that is very worth reading.

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