Episode 1: Kirk Israel discussion thread

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    A physical copy of FlapPing with manual
    Episode 1 show notes are here!

    The first interview I recorded, and IIRC I did it in my living room, wearing a cheap Logitech headset, and I was kind of worried that I might wake up the bird, so I kind of kept my voice low. Not the most ideal recording conditions, but the interview turned out pretty well anyway, I think!

  • I'm glad the podcast is past the "one guy I know from before" stage :-D makes it less unseemly for me to link to like crazy

  • I just finished this today. I didn't realize that there was such a big community around developing for the atari "posthumously". I mean I knew it was popular to make romhacks for other old consoles, but I had no idea about this. It's cool, I'll have to play his game now!

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