Code of Conduct

  • Welcome to the Fringe Game History discussion board!

    This is a community dedicated to the exploration of videogame history outside of the mainstream industry; of centering voices that are ordinarily unheard. As such, it is extra important for us as a community to take care to ensure that marginalized voices are not silenced as a result of harassment, intimidation, or hatred.

    In short, this means:

    • no harassment, stalking, threats, or otherwise unwelcome comments directed at other community members
    • no racist comments, no sexist comments, no transphobia, no homophobia, no Islamophobia, no Gamergaters, and holy crap no nazis, seriously.

    This is not an exhaustive list of bad behaviour.

    If you see any of the above happening, please flag it and the moderation team will deal with the situation ASAP. The moderation team is currently just me, SpindleyQ - you can also get in touch with me directly if the matter is urgent.

    Community members asked to stop a harassing or offensive behaviour, either by a moderator or another community member, are expected to stop, immediately.

    Offenses will be dealt with as the moderation team deems appropriate; potential actions may include having egregious comments removed, or having posting privileges revoked.

    From time to time, unpleasant or problematic history may surface and be discussed - unfortunately toxic elements, sexism, and racism in videogames go back a long way. Community members are asked to tag such content and be respectful of other community members for which the games or events in question may not just be an intellectual curiosity, but directly offensive and gross. Be sure you are tackling the subject with the sensitivity it requires, and err on the side of refraining if you are not sure.

    Callouts of moderation screw-ups are welcomed; however, if your complaint could be phrased as "political correctness has run amock" instead of "you did not do enough to ensure that a marginalized person was not hurt" then it is extremely unlikely to be worth the community's time and energy to discuss, and will be dealt with appropriately.

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